About Us

We’ve created this company because we believe that how we work has changed but where we’re working from hasn’t really. Social spaces everywhere are built to inspire and excite the sense yet remain largely unused during the workday. Our mission is to never let cost or commitment stand in the way of having you be able to surround yourself in a productive work environment. There is no age or income level that defines our customers. Rather, we are a psychographic profile of being intellectually curious, fun-loving, ambitious, and socially conscious.

One of the best things about our jobs is that we get to organically increase the revenues within these spaces and the subsequent earnings of their staff. We invest a lot into the curation, retrofitting, and staff training of our partnered spaces. Not only do we get to help you grow your business, but we also get to help the venues we work with grow theirs. It is truly an ecosystem where everyone wins.

We’re constantly listening, learning, and re-evaluating - and appreciate any referrals, questions, or comments along the way.

WorkEatPlay Inc.

228 Park Avenue S
New York City, NY 10003